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Hi! I am Samidha!

I write emails that convert leads, seriously.

Dear Entrepreneur

I understand.

Business is tough. 

Ad costs are soaring up day after day while your customers want everything at low price.

Constant chaos with no telling what will happen next.

Wondering if suddenly ad costs goes too high and your product stopped selling or your leads were not converting.

I know the chaos…

This Chaos soon turns to Confusion.

Have you ever found yourself asking these questions…

“Should I build a personal brand?”

“Is there  anything wrong with my landing page?”

“Do I need to focus on branding?”

“Should I go on YouTube?”

“Take webinars?”

“Drop $10,000 on a new logo?”

Or a little more practical confusion…

“Should I run video ads?”

“Should I use YouTube or FB ads?”

“What if Google Ads don’t work?”

? ? ? ?  Geesh! 

And the worse comes next…

Suddenly, the confusion leads to Crazy Decisions.

Decisions that cost you dearly.

Crazy decisions pull you back into Chaos.

Chaos puts you back in a state of confusion

I call it the “Viscious cycle of C’s.” 

Look, I get it.

The life of an entrepreneur is not as glorified that these movies show it to be.

Here’s what you really need.

You need a funnel that brings in the cold traffic and makes them raving fans of your brand.

We know ad costs are going up.

As more and more competitors arise, the ad real estate reduces and you need more budget to allocate on ads.

As long as you are getting great ROI from your funnels, you are pretty much sorted.

But.. for how long?

Ads are never a permanent solution.

You need to cut through the noise that your competitors produce.

You can do this through the most underrated yet the most overpowering digital marketing tool…

Email Marketing…

Stats say you make 40X of what you invest in email marketing.

That is an offensively high ROI.

So what do you need to earn sweet profits through email marketing?

  • An Opt-in System
  • An eMail List
  • An email automation tool
  • An expert who can write really cool emails
  • An expert who knows how to get them delivered without visiting the spam folder
  • An expert who can sell through their words.

You might think you can do it all, but let’s be honest…

It’s not a one-person job. 

Before I go ahead and give you a solution, let me ask.

Is it worth producing all the content alone if not with a small team?

I’m sure you want more in life…

More Revenue…

More Security…

More Family Time…

More Vacations…

More Freedom…

But before you get there, you need to change things.

You surely cannot expect different results with the same traffic channel and the same marketing strategy.

This is where I come in.

I will help write quality content that actually nurtures your audience.

I am a Computer Science Student at the Indian Institute of Information Technology, India. And in the last 4 years, I have learned one thing, and I learned it exceptionally well. 

Its how to use technology in your favor.

Whether it is Science or Marketing, I dig deep into what your customers actually need and produce email content that solves their needs on AUTOMATION.

You need this in your business.

I will help you build trust.

Remember a client pays you with trust first, money next.

Well, you don’t have to take my word for it, see what my clients say about me…


What They Say

Samidha consulted me for the release of my 5 Day Live Training Program for writing. She edited my landing page and emails to make the copy bold and crisp. Over 10 sales came in just the first day of email marketing. She really knows her stuff. I’d recommend her to everyone!

Anangsha Alammyan

3x Bestselling Author, Writing Coach

I run a construction ERP company where I needed high quality leads for my business. Samidha took care of all. From Ads to Landing Pages to Emails, everything. And she fed me with highly relevant leads literally everyday. My business 5xed than before. So happy to have found her.

Mrinalini Kulkarni

Founder of

Some Cool Email Results

Crazy Open Rates

This is for an Indian Educational Brand. They were having some 4% open rates. My Subject Lines seem to work well. Language is Hindi: the local language of the audience.

From 3rd email onwards, the click rate is coming as people are clicking on images.

Crazy Landing Page Conversions

Here the goal was to get optins from ads. The industry Landing Page conversion average is 2.35%. But this landing page is converting crazily well.

The Overall Landing Page Conversion

Here Are Some Cool Ad Results Too

Crazily Low Cost Per Lead

These are the results from an FB optin Campaign. Lead cost is as low as $0.050, which is insanely cheap.

Another FB optin Campaign. Lead cost is as low as $0.054, which is again insanely low.

Cool SEO Result

Ranked #1 On Google SERP

This is for my own blog, I don’t have much domain authority or back links. This is purely based on strong research and valuable content.

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