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How To Come Out Of Your Comfort Zone?


I remember Sandeep Maheshwari telling a story in one of his videos to explain comfort zone.

It goes like this:

“There was once a dog who was crying a lot.

A man passing by asked a woman standing near to the dog, why is it crying so much? The woman answered that there is a needle over which the dog is sitting.

The man then asked why is it not getting up? The woman replied that the pain is not that much till now to make him get up, that’s why!”

You got it? This is how comfort zone makes us feel.

We stay within it even when everything is falling apart and our current life is not giving us any results or happiness.

Why? Because even when it is painful, it is still comforting.

We know that life is still going on and we are not going to die the next day if we didn’t take the risk of starting a business or freelancing today.

We won’t leave or change our job even when the pay is low or the torture is high, because monthly salary is comforting.

We won’t ask a girl out for coffee, because we fear rejection.

All of this makes us live in our little thing where there is no life, just pain, and sulkiness.

Come out of it.

The only way to come out of your comfort zone is to take “immediate action”!

Don’t go into the overthinking mode, this or that, what-ifs and all, just take action, any small action that challenges you.

If you fear public speaking, just go in front of some people and speak.

If you fear to talk to strangers, just go and talk to a random colleague or some person in the park.

This would feel really awkward at first, but it will get better with time. You will get better with time.

But if you feel your brain gets in the way whenever you want to act, then practice what Mel Robbins says, “The 5 Second Rule”.

Say 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…, and act!

And you will feel so much better after you took the action. Because when we do challenging things, we live in the present moment.

We feel more alive and happy when we take action and our life starts getting better and improve along.

Now, what is the right action?

Ask yourselves what do you want to achieve in the next 5 years.

Write it down on paper. It’s a really important practice because you need to know where you want to take yourself further in life.

Once you know your goals, write down what exactly you would need to do to achieve them.

Now think about what’s the smallest thing you can do immediately today to move towards your goal. And do it.

That will bring some action to the table rather than just passive thinking.

You can then divide your goal into milestones and put a date towards them.

And every morning, just say 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…, and jump in right into the action mode.

In the journey of achieving your goals, you would need to come out of your comfort zone multiple times, and whenever such situations happen, just think this:

“If I couldn’t do it in a better way, will I die? or get into huge debt or a huge problem?”

If the answer is no, then just go and do it!

Sometimes you’ll succeed, sometimes you won’t.

But the chances of succeeding will increase rather than just sitting on your cushion watching random news and not taking any action at all!

Take this blog post seriously, and take out the piece of paper and start writing your goals, they will inspire you to take the action.

Always remember, start is always the hardest. It’s difficult to get the engine running, but once it starts running, spinning it won’t be much difficult thereafter.

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  1. Abhinay Mandla

    Nice work! And nice analogy. Keep up the good work

    • Samidha

      Thanks a lot Abhinay 🙂

  2. Mohini Singh

    Very motivating ! I wanted something like this to feed my mind, here I got it.

    • Samidha

      Thank you so much Mohini 🙂 Will publish more helpful content here!

  3. Sandheep Kumar

    Such a nice piece of content to start the day with.

    • Samidha

      Wow, thanks for such a beautiful comment Sandheep:)