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Does Law of Attraction Work?


Yes, it does.

But internally, not externally.

What I mean is, you cannot just sit and think about becoming a billionaire, and suddenly all the wealth in the world will fall in your lap.

But when you think about something and believe in it hard enough, it starts manifesting on the level of your body.

We become what we think most of the time.

That is the reason why people use affirmations.

They need to keep their thoughts positive and productive so that they can manifest them on their mind and body level, and can get to the productive mode.

Words that you use play the biggest role in the law of attraction.

When you speak out so much negativity and try to crip about just everything, that’s what gets manifested on your mind and body level, and you think why you are feeling negative and frustrated most of the time.

Once Sandeep Maheshwari narrated a story emphasizing the ultimate power that words contain.

It goes like this:

There were two patients in the hospital. One of them was paralyzed and doctors told him that you can never get back on your feet.

He was so much hopeless with his life that he wanted to end it.

The other patient nearby saw his condition and to make him feel better, he went to the window and started to talk about how beautiful the world looks outside.

Every day, in the morning and in the evening time, he would go and talk about how amazing the world is outside the window.

The paralyzed patient started feeling better and got some hope of seeing this world with his own eyes someday.

But after few days, the other patient died and there was no one to tell him what his happening outside.

He had so much desire to go and see the world himself, that he stood on his feet and walked towards the window to see the outside activities.

To his surprise, the window was covered with a black wall, and nothing could be seen through it.

He called up the nurse and asked, “who put the wall here?”. The nurse said it was always here for 15 years.


We know that the other patient who talked about the outside world was lying to the paralyzed patient, but only because of his false positive words is that this man manifested the power to get up and walk on his own feet.

You felt now how much power our words carry?

Next time, when you are saying something negative, think about the above story.

Because what we think and believe is what gets manifested.

Happy Manifestation 🙂

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