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[Webinar] Generate 100 Raving Fans in 30 Days


It is said that you just need 1000 raving fans to become a millionaire.

But obviously it takes time. A lot of time actually, for your audience to grow and some of them to become your raving fans (someone who loves your products and services so much that they keep buying more and more from you and also promote it to other people as well).

For you as a personal brand, you don’t need millions of followers, what you need is a community which drives your personal brand and makes it stronger.

You will find your first 1000 fans only from your community.

Only with the help of a community it would be easier for you to meet your financial goals while changing people’s lives the same time.

Let’s say you have a goal to earn 1 crore in profits.

You can achieve this goal by making Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 products and services.

Now, to achieve that 1 crore, here’s what you can do:

  1. Sell a product (Level 1) for 100 INR to 1 Lakh people
  2. Sell a product (Level 2) for 1000 INR to 10,000 people
  3. Sell a product (Level 3) for 10,000 INR to 1000 people
  4. Sell a product (Level 4) for 1 Lakh INR to 100 people

Now, the best thing is, you can sell all these products simultaneously and build a funnel out of it.

Whom will you sell to? Your fans obviously!

But for that, you have to generate leads first.

Before that, you need to know what leads are, and what are not.

Leads are actually the email or phone number of your potential customers, name is optional.

Anyone who is interested in your product and service is a potential customer, and if you have their personal contact details, you have them as your lead.

Having any random email or phone number is not leads, as you don’t know whether they are interested in your product or service, or not.

Also, your social media following is not your leads.

Why? you may ask. Because these are social media users, who happen to follow you because they thought you are a good person to follow.

You don’t know whether they even intend to buy from you or not.

Also, you can’t reach your whole following directly with a post as social media is decreasing the reach continuously.

Ever seen those YouTube channels where subscribers are in millions but view count on videos is just around 1-2 lakhs. They are just reaching to 10 percent of their audience through youtube.

Social media is not allowing you to reach your own following which you created with a lot of hard work and time and effort, how ridiculous is that?

Lead is called lead because it leads to sale, so if you have personal contact details of your potential customers, you have leads!

Now, the most common method to generate leads is to give a lead magnet (something valuable) for free in exchange of email ids.

Ever went on a website where they are providing you something free and valuable to download (e-book, pdf, book, mini-course, checklist, etc.) in exchange of your emails?

That is exactly how these websites collect the emails of their potential customers to convert them into their leads.

What will they do by collecting those mails? no, they are not going to spam.

Or they can, but then they know people will unsubscribe them or just mark them spam, which no company wants.

So, instead, they’ll send nurturing emails which are valuable for their potential customers.

They do this because they want to build the trust with them. They want them to feel that their company is best with so and so service or product, by providing them best value in that particular industry.

After sending 80% nurturing emails, they send 20% promotional emails, because their prime motive is only to convert their leads into customers.

When you are reading their nurturing emails, you are still a lead, but once you go through the promotional emails and buy something from them, you become their customer.

This method is very well known in the marketing industry and also a lot of companies practice it.

But the problem with this common method is that, every body is doing it. A lot of lead magnets have come on the web, a lot of companies are giving something valuable to get your email ids.

A lot of them are sending you their nurturing emails and promotional emails already.

What happens with time is, the lead looses attention. It becomes difficult to cope up with a lot of emails together and some don’t even reach the primary inbox of the user, it reaches either to promotions tab or in the spam folder.

And even if the mails reach in the primary folder of the user, the open rate is averaged around 18%.

Email Statistics by Campaign Monitor

In these statistics by Campaign Monitor, you can see at the bottom-most line showing the industry average stats.

With open rate of only 18%, and CTR of 2.6%. Which means if you send out 100 emails, only 18 people are going to open it, and only 2-3 people will click on the links inside your mails.

Does that statistic look mesmerizing to you? Not to me.

You have generated leads with your own hard work, you sent them the nurturing emails by putting so much efforts on creating those emails for your leads, only to know that more than half of them are not even reading them.

The problem is, trust building takes a lot of time. If someone became your lead today, they might end up buying from you 6-7 months later, or at even later stage, or just never.

Any solution? Yes, there is.

What you need is a plan that helps you generate at least 100 fans as soon as possible. Then those 100 fans will automatically bring other people, and you can use their social proof to bring other people in your funnel.

Always remember, social proof is contagious.

The more fans you’ll have, the more social proof you can show, the more you show, the easier people will trust you and buy from you.

So, are you ready to listen to the magical plan?

Here it is:

The Ultimate 30 day plan to generate 100 paying leads

Yes, it is possible to generate 100 paying leads within 30 days.

Now, what do I mean when I say “paying leads”?

It means a person will convert in your lead only when they pay you a small amount of money, something like 100 INR.

Once they paid you, at some level they also convinced themselves that you are the best choice in the market. And also they’ll be more receptive to your communication once they paid.

But, why would somebody pay you when they don’t trust you yet?

Well, I am going to discuss here a method that will take you around 30 days to generate that kind of trust to transact the first 100 INR from them.

This is why this process is called 30 day plan.

Can’t you do it like common method by sending emails and win their trust? no!

Because the problem remains the same there, out of 100 only 18 people would open your mails and god knows when they’ll convert.

So, how to make them buy 100 INR product from you? Here’s your 30 day plan for it:

  1. Announce on Day 1 that you’ll do a live session (most probably insta live) on Day 5.
  2. Lure them by saying there’s an amazing surprise at the end of the live.
  3. Also, put a link of WhatsApp group or telegram group in your bio, ask your followers to join it, and they’ll get exclusive value on the topic for which you’ll do the live.
  4. Then from Day 2 to Day 4, give them extreme value in less than 5 minutes video, twice in the day.
  5. Then give them a reminder to join the live.
  6. After the live is complete, announce the surprise. And your surprise would be that, they’ll win a 121 session with you for half an hour, only if they went on twitter and gave you review for the live you just did. Ask them to tag you as well and share the screenshot of review in DM.
  7. Also specify that offer will be valid only for an hour after the live ends, to introduce scarcity.
  8. Do the 121s and ask them questions as to what is holding them back or what exact problems are they facing in their lives. Get to know your audience’s world.
  9. Repeat the same process from step 1 to step 8, 4 times within 30 days. Aim for at least 20 “121s” to get enough idea about what your audience needs.
  10. Now announce a free zoom webinar where you will discuss the most hot topic (the topic most of them have doubts on) with your audience inside the telegram group as well as social media followers.
  11. After giving value in the webinar, sell them your level 1 product. It would be a 100 day email course for 100 INR, where they’ll receive one email daily from you for 100 days.
  12. Aim to sell at least to 100 people, and many of the early adopters will buy, ask them to bring people with their referral links and they’ll get 50 % commission.
  13. You can also sell your course with help of other influencers by giving them 50% commission on every sale.

Once you get your first 100 customers who actually bought from you, then you will be able to use their social proof to bring more customers.

Now, what would be there inside the 100 day email course? As you have done a lot of 121s by now, you know exactly what are the pain points of your audience, write about them.

Also, give them exclusive mastermind calls once in every week to keep up with the personal connection. Keep seeking their reviews.

People will only get your emails once they have paid for it, and when they have paid for it, they’ll be more obliged towards opening it, and when they open and read it, more trust builds up.

Also, chances of these emails going into spam is nil if you can send your customers a video explaining how to whitelist your email id.

Now, this is what I call paid leads, meaning those leads who have already paid you some amount.

Keep taking their feedback and reviews and use them to bring more people inside your mail list by getting them to buy your level 1 product.

And you can ask your audience what extra value do they need to solve their life problems and the community will answer you what they need. You can develop your level 2, level 3 and level 4 products this way.

The social proof of level 4 customers will help bring level 3 customers to buy your level 4, social proof of level 3 will help level 2 to buy level 3, level 2 social proof will help level 1 to buy level 2, and level 1 social proof will help the generic followers to become your paid leads.

And this is how you can build your tribe and ultimately your 1000+ raving fans.

If you could do it, the 1 crore goal won’t be standing too far away 🙂

Here’s the recording of the zoom webinar I did few days back with a live audience on the same topic as this blog:

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