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How Becoming A Mentor Makes You A Better Human Being?


I am not going to bore you with how mentoring can help with your learnings and all, and how it can help others.

You already know it.

I am here going to talk about 2 basic human psychological needs that mentoring helps you fulfill.

When you have these basic needs fulfilled is only when you can think of the higher purpose in your life, and become a better human being.

This is a very important blog post that is going to change your perspective towards how you look at the mentoring industry. So, read it till the end.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

High Social Status

As humans, we always seek social validation.

Getting a high social status among our immediate tribe members and the people who are immediately around us is a natural need that is inbuilt in our DNA.

We want people to appreciate us and make us feel important.

But when people don’t get this basic need fulfilled, they use money to buy into social status.

They try to show off their overconsumption of high branded clothes, jewelry, cars, and homes.

Even if buying them means they have to go into debt, they’ll still do it because they want to show people how well off and important they are.

But the problem here is, no matter how much money you spend, or how expensive materials you buy, there will always be someone who is going to have more than what you have.

Now, this will steal your social status and you get the pressure to upgrade yourself to become their level, and you again go into debt, and it forms a cycle.

Isn’t it the most miserable life to live in… just to fulfill a small need?

Here’s the benefit of becoming a mentor, that it helps you satisfy this social need.

You can create your own community of 50-100 people and become the leader of it.

You create the culture, you set the rules which people have to abide by. This gives you a sense of responsibility.

And when you provide value to your tribe, they respect you and trust you more.

They look up to you as an authority which makes you feel the alpha.

Because now you have people who make you feel important, you can ignore everyone else and focus on yourself and the growth of your community.

This is going to liberate you for life once this need gets fulfilled.

And this alone is worth becoming a digital mentor.

Feeling Of Uniqueness

We humans also have an innate need to feel unique. We want our unique identity.

We want to show the world how different we are, which sets us apart from other people.

But when everyone is doing the same jobs that most people are doing, and have similar titles, their identity suffers.

And then, to earn their uniqueness, they try to buy fancy stuff to flaunt their unique choices.

There is a quote for it: “People buy stuff they don’t need with the money they don’t have to impress people they don’t like”.

We all know how stupid this logic is, but we still buy into it to satisfy our needs.

Isn’t there a better way? There is.

The best way is to show your uniqueness through your creation, not by buying stuff.

Become a creator, not a consumer.

You can create artwork, blog posts, videos, products, services, anything you wish!

Your content makes you unique because nobody can create like you.

Becoming a mentor would mean you have to create your own courses and programs, and helping people with your unique advice.

Final Words

High social status and feeling of uniqueness are the two major reasons for which you should definitely become a mentor.

Below are some more reasons:

  1. Having to teach forces you to learn, and this makes you an expert.
  2. Helps you organize your thoughts in a better way so that you can explain the complex concepts to other people in an easy way.
  3. You will get addicted to the process of understanding the concepts to a very deep level.
  4. It will make you wealthy if you are able to bring results for other people. Give 10x value to them, and you will get back 100x.

I hope this blog post has convinced you at some level to become a mentor yourself and teach people.

But do remember, you cannot teach what you haven’t practiced yourself, because the whole point of mentorship is to bring results for your students, and it will only happen when you are teaching from your own experience of implementing things.

That’s it. Happy Mentoring 🙂

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