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How To Become A Best Selling Coach Faster?


Students buy courses only when they trust the coach.

They buy when they know that you know their current and desired state, and your course can bridge the gap between both the states.

But the problem is, every student has a unique state depending upon various factors, and they want to get to different desired states, which needs the same skills that your course is teaching.

For example, if you are teaching Video Editing, then some of your students might want to land a job, or some want to do freelancing, or some people want to start youtube, or some just want to improve their skills, etc.

Now, because the current and desired states are different for different students, you will have to approach them individually so that your marketing message is highly personalized for them.

This is called Sales. Where we talk to one person at a time because that gives a huge personal touch to our message.

This mechanism can get you a lot of sales because you exactly know their states, and can customize your sales pitch according to them.

But the problem here is that, this process is not scalable.

You cannot talk to 1000s of students on a sales call to get them buy your course. Or you can, but it will take a lot of sales efforts.

So how about doing marketing and spreading your message digitally?

That will help you scale your message, but the problem again comes that you cannot personalize for each individual.

And chances are you won’t get good ROI from it.

So, if we could combine the power of sales(personalization) with the power of marketing(scalability), that is when you can sell the same course to a large number of students.

And this will help you become a best selling coach.

This technique is known as Deep Marketing Automation.

It is all about building trust at scale using a personalized and automated series of messages.

You can be sleeping or enjoying your vacation while your Deep Marketing system is building trust with your potential students and transacting with them at scale.

Sounds interesting? Let’s learn about how it can be achieved.

The first step is, to build a personal brand.

Have a good online presence and have at least 5 high quality blog posts or videos. Because people do their due diligence before buying.

Once you have content, you can drive traffic to it via SEO, social media, facebook and google ads, pinterst and Linkedin, medium and quora, referalls and webinars, etc.

You can run different ads targeting different segments of people.

And once you have the traffic, you need to capture it else it will leave.

So, have appropriate lead magnets in your blog or youtube. Give them something for free in exchange of their email id.

This will convert your traffic into leads.

Once you have leads, here comes the main task of converting leads into your customers.

But they won’t buy from you until they trust you. So now you have to bring in personalization.

You can do it by collecting more information from your leads.

Circulate a survey form with them via email, and incentivise them for filling it up.

Ask them questions like what is their current state, give them 3 options to select from.

Then same for desired state, and what is the biggest challenge they are facing to achieve their goals.

Once you get these inputs from your leads, you would be able to go ahead and personalize your message using segmentation.

Segment them based on their answers, have some variations in your email content.

Send them messages only which is relevant to their answers.

You can easily do the above process using CRMs like Convertkit or ActiveCampaign.

And this will do the magic.

You will be sending them the content which is relevant to them, along with testimonials of people who achieved the results they wish to achieve, and it will help you build trust with them.

Notice the behavior of your leads. Score them according to whether they are opening your mails, and clicking the links inside your emails.

How actively are they engaging?

The most engaging leads can easily be converted into your customers as they are already interested in your content.

You can either call them or send a specific sales pitch to them, or you can invite them on a live webinar and sell your course there.

In a nutshell, this is the framework you need to follow:

Drive High Traffic -> Do Deep Marketing -> Get More Sales

That’s it. I hope this will help you become a Best Selling Coach in your field.

Happy Coaching 🙂

If you have any thoughts or questions in mind, capture them in the comments below before you forget them. I read and reply to every comment.

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