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How To Become A Perfect Mentor?


Everybody needs and deserves a mentor who can help them solve their life challenges and reach their goals faster.

But the truth is, many mentors have no idea how to bring results. They just focus on creating content and increasing their student base.

The problem here is that your content alone won’t make you a good mentor, but your personality as a whole matters.

You need to be that ideal and inspirational person whom people can look up to, and would want to become like.

To become that ideal person, you need to adopt some basic principles in your life.

Following are the principles that can make you a perfect mentor for your students:

Don’t Do It For Money

Mentorship shouldn’t be done for money, it should be done to help people lift from where they are to where they want to go.

If you are just focusing on the revenue and profits, then you will never be able to make it big.

People are very smart these days, they will know that you are only doing it for money and you have no interest in their success.

So only do it, because you want to change people’s lives.

Think about how many people have helped you to become successful in your life.

As they have helped you, it is your responsibility to help others.

Lifting other people up with your knowledge and inspiration makes this world a beautiful place to live.

Don’t Become A Full Time Mentor

If you do full-time mentoring, you will lose the track of what is happening in the industry and soon all your learnings and teachings will get outdated.

So, never do full-time teaching or mentoring.

If you are doing freelancing or a job or business, then invest 60% time there and the remaining 30-40% in the mentoring.

Apply what you learn and experience the results, then only go and teach your students about it.

Have A Mission and Vision

Have a mission and vision that you are driven by.

Understand the bigger picture and how your courses going to help people survive and thrive?

When you have a mission, people trust you more and want to become a part of your mission.

A mission like “Helping 1 Lakh Startup Owners to Get a valuation of more than $1 B” makes people trust in your actions.

They see that you are not doing it for money, you are doing it because you have a bigger purpose to achieve.

A word of caution: don’t create a mission or vision statement for the sake of creating it. Because if your actions don’t match with your mission, then people will know that your mission is fake.

Invest In Your Learnings

The more you invest in your learnings, the better your content will become and the more beneficial it would be for your students.

Always remember: Every artist stands on the soldiers of giants who came before them.

So never hesitate to invest in your learnings.

If you never invested in getting training yourself then internally you will never believe if someone else would invest in your training programs, and because of that, your business will not grow.

Understand Your Students Well Enough

Talk to people, ask them where they are struggling, try to understand their pain points and challenges.

You can ask them for free 1-2-1 calls and try there to find out where exactly do they need help.

Slowly your content becomes so relatable that people can feel it’s only designed for them.

Then give them 10x value in your content with respect to the price they paid.

Help them, support them more than what was promised.

This will help you create a brand perception of a mentor who cares for the success of their students, and once this perception is created, then the sky is the limit for you.

Become Like Your Ideal Customer

The world is a mirror. You get back what you give.

Your students are the reflection of who you are.

If you yourself pirate courses, you will be pirated. If you create fake programs, you will become the victim of fake programs.

So be the person whom you want to attract. Try to be like your ideal customer.

Also, You need to be a very humble person who can respect students.

Some students are very painful to manage, but that doesn’t mean you will call them names and you won’t respect them.

Because they are the ones who are keeping you in the business.

Respect your students, and they will respect you back.

Offer Incentives To Complete Your Course

You need to hold people accountable. Make them to take action.

Because only when they take action is when they get results, and that will bring a huge satisfaction for you, plus a lot of word of mouth that your training programs work.

But as we know, the course completion average rate is 5%. So how to make it better?

The best solution is to offer cashback or some reward on course completion, or rather assignment completion.

You can give additional courses and vouchers as incentives as well.

The marketplace operates on incentives, and when you incentivize your program, people will be much more likely to complete your course.

Also, when students are forced to complete their assignments, they are more likely to get the results.

And when they get the results, you get more referrals. It is as simple.

Final Words

I hope you got all the weapons in your armor to conquer the world.

Go ahead and become the perfect mentor who brings results for your students.

Happy Mentoring 🙂

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