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How To Build Your Community As A Mentor?


Before I talk about the “How” part of building your community, let me convince you why you need a community in the first place.

Why You Need A Community?

You need a community because you need to understand your customers.

You want to know how they look like, what is their point A(where they are right now), point B(where they want to go) and their resistance(why they are not able to go from point A to B).

Even a 100 people community is enough for you to get a depth of their world, and these 100 would resemble 1000s of your potential students who are facing the same problems.

Understanding your audience is the first step to becoming a mentor, which lays down the basic foundation of your courses.

And having a community makes it easier for you to understand their needs.

Just ask them and they will tell. Run polls, ask different questions, see what responses you are getting. Get on zoom call with the most interactive people in your community.

Doing online research is nice, but you will understand your audience only when you talk with them.

Many people don’t do this hard work, and create courses assuming what their audience might be needing. And when they are not able to get results for their audience, people start calling them scamsters.

Do you want to be termed as a scamster?

Assuming the answer is no, you should create your community and do the market research right before creating any courses.

Now that you are convinced about the “why” part of building the community, let’s talk about the “how” part!

How To Build Your Community From Scratch?

  1. Go on different social media channels and get inside the groups which are into your niche.
  2. Answer all the questions people are asking there, in a highly detailed way, which makes them feel that you have some authority on the subject.
  3. Add people as friends. Add them to your personal connections and then invite them to join your group.
  4. Do this manual work, and try to get atleast 100 people in your group.
  5. Curate amazing content for them, share valuable videos and blogposts related to your niche.
  6. Do polls, ask questions, and try to engage with them.
  7. Understand the vibe of your audience, what they are liking and what they are disliking.
  8. Call the most interactive members of the community and get the understanding of their world.

Follow these steps in sequence and keep nurturing your tribe.

The best part about having a community is that you don’t have to hunt for customers, you can get your first customers from your community only.

And you can improve your product quality with their feedback.

Why communities are important for learning?

As much as your community is important for you, it is also important to your community members.

Education always happens in a community. We have always learned in groups of students since our school days.

Peer pressure forces people to become better, as when they see other people succeeding, they also feel like taking action and get that success.

This makes your online training powerful.

Also, Your community itself becomes the product. You can have different levels to it.

To join your free community, they can enter your Facebook group.

To join your premium community, they have to buy your course.

People pay for joining such communities which are into the same field as theirs, because it gives them an amazing chance of networking.

Final Words

I think you have now understood the basic psyche behind community building as a mentor.

Now go ahead and implement all the actionable steps discussed in this article.

Important Note: Build your community on any platform, but keep your email list as the base (you must have their email ids, you can collect it by giving some free ebook or any free value). So, in case you want to move your community from one place to another, you can do it through sending the emails.

That’s it. Happy Community Building 🙂

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