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How To Convince Your Parents For Your Desired Career?


You have some big dreams and ideas to implement in your life.

You have a passion or hobby that you want to pursue as a career, or maybe you want to quit your job and do something on your own.

Whatever that is, we need the support of our family and loved ones in our decisions.

But, most of the time, they don’t show the same belief and scope in your ideas, the way you see it.

It really gets difficult that way to pursue your dreams, isn’t it?

We keep complaining that our parents don’t listen to us, or our family is against us, then what should we do?

Well, try to understand that they are your closed ones. They love you the most in the world, they are not your enemies.

Every parent wants that their child gets a secure and settled happy life, no one wants their kids to struggle.

And sometimes, their love becomes our hindrance to growth because there is really no success without struggle.

So, it is foolish to expect that they will support you if your dream path has a lot of uncertainties.

You need to show them some little growth or success, you need them to see some potential in your idea, you need to show your plans, strategies, and also what are your backup plans.

Now, you can show them your success only when you start. So start working on your idea, take baby steps.

Do it even if your parents are against it.

How many times has it happened when your parents denied you of something but still did it anyway?

Then why are you seeking so much permission when it comes to pursuing your dream?

If you need a small investment, then try with your pocket money or you can take the help of those friends whose parents are relatively chill.

Start small, take calculated risks, don’t go on heavy debt right in the beginning, see how the idea is working, get a mentor, work slowly on your idea, and once you got some reportable success, go and show it to your parents.

They can be a little angry at you for doing it, but deep down they will feel so much pride and confidence in you.

Keep pursuing your idea, show them any little success you get.

And eventually, you will notice, that even your parents are thinking of how to help you with your idea so that you can get more success faster.

You only need to have confidence in yourself, and that needs to be backed up by some little success at least, then only the typical parents of this world are gonna listen to you.

No more excuses! Go and pursue it whatever you want to 😉

That’s it for today…

Let me know in the comments if your parents support your career.

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