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How Will I Get My First Client in Freelancing?


In this age of the internet, no one can ever be jobless. The only question here is, Do you know how to use the internet (properly)? “
If you are someone who doesn’t have a skill, or you don’t know how to monetize your skill, then reading this article would be your best decision as many hacks are going to come your way.    Buckle up your seat belts and read it till the end 😉

A short introduction about freelancing

In simple words, freelancing is earning from your skills by working for someone on a per-project basis.

Freelancers are individual businesses, who can work for multiple clients at the same time.

They take care of their branding, marketing, sales, invoicing, communication with clients, and the main work, all on their own.

The best thing about freelancing is, you don’t have to leave your job or studies to start doing it.

And it is a great way to generate a side-by income and to prepare yourself for an exciting entrepreneurial journey.
But to become a successful freelancer, you need a skill that is high in demand.
If you develop skill in something outdated, you are going to suffer in hell, as no one would be willing to pay you for an obsolete service.
So let’s figure out which would be the best skill you should develop as a freelancer.

Which skill should I develop?

The best answer would be, whichever thing you are passionate about the most! 
Now I know, there are many people out there (including me) who are pulled towards all the directions, and they can’t focus on one thing, or they just don’t know what they are most passionate about.

If you too lie within the second category, here’s what you can do:

  • Go on Google and search “what are the top high in-demand skills in 2021”, and go through the list of skills it shows you.
  • Pick up one skill that you think is easier for you to develop (I selected Graphic Design).
  • Go on Youtube, and start learning from a good playlist (has more than 10 videos and less than 50, and happy people in the comment section).

Make a target of learning this skill in 1 month.

As you are learning, put it to use by creating something (obviously, you learn by doing).

And by the end of a month, you will have a skill and a portfolio ready with you!

Now that you have the high in-demand skill and a portfolio ready, the next step is to find clients.

Where will I get my first client?

There are many ways to find potential clients, but the best way out of them is networking. But before we go on client hunting, make sure you go on LinkedIn and other social media, and put out your portfolio there in terms of posts.

You can also put links to your portfolio in your profile, but having them in your posts makes them more visible.

Now, your bio and LinkedIn banner, and other elements of your profile should all be in sync, which should communicate that you are a freelancer in a particular field.

Pro tip: Always give your WhatsApp number and Email Id clearly in the about section, it increases the probability of people contacting you.

Then go on and start connecting and messaging people who are also in your field, doing freelancing.

Criteria of selecting these people:

  • Their activity shouldn’t be older than 1 week  
  • Shouldn’t be like a celebrity who wouldn’t have time to pay attention to you  
  • They engage with other people’s posts  
  • See what type of comments they are posting

You will understand through this if they’ll be helpful for you or not…
Create a Google sheet of all such people in your field, and start contacting them. 
Don’t try to sell them your service, just put it out very Humbly that you like their work as you went through their posts, you are also quite interested in Freelancing in the same field, but you don’t know where to start.
Ask them for their “expert” advice. 
Freelancers like to share their stories and how they achieved what they achieved (look at me :p) 
But as most of the freelancers are busy doing their work, chances are you might get ignored. 
In that case, just do a follow-up. 
Engage with their posts, ask them questions about their recent posts in DMs, and many will definitely reply back.
Now, once you are in conversation with them, ask them for their advice for freelancing in their field and eventually they’ll ask you about your portfolio. 
If they don’t, then share it with them yourself (always keep a google drive link handy that has your portfolio in one place). 
If they liked it, chances are they can bring clients for you because freelancers are often well-connected people and they keep getting projects which sometimes they can’t handle themselves.
They might charge you a commission for bringing clients or for referring you to someone, which is fine (Let them come up with this suggestion).
You have to keep connecting and messaging such people and if they liked your work, you’ll start seeing clients in less than 100 days.
Now that you got some clients and worked with them, ask them to post a review and share it on your profile. 
Also, Don’t forget to ask them for a recommendation on Linkedin! 
Then go on the connection list of your clients on Linkedin and see who is your potential client among them, then approach them telling how you can help them, and show them the reviews of the people they already know and you have worked with them. 
Why wait for clients to give you a referral, huh?
This is how you can grow your Freelancing Business. Needless to say, you’ll get a lot of rejections, but it’s just a part of life. 
If you won’t ask, the answer is anyway going to be “no”. 

Also, it would feel very difficult only in the beginning.

Once you start getting clients, your life will start becoming easier and easier.Important Thing -> Money is in the follow-up! Do follow-ups, be creative while following up, ask questions about their posts which they’ll be very willing to answer, and stuff like that.


How much should I charge for my service?

You can ask this question from the freelancers you would be connecting with over social media.
Ask them how much they charge and what is the ideal price you should be charging at beginner level, and how to increase it with time. 
Treat them as your mentors, they’ll guide you 🙂

How much can I earn in Freelancing?

Actually, There’s no upper limit.
Let me tell you a short story of a highly successful freelancer in my network.
He is an electronics engineer (by education). He did a job for 2-3 years and then left it as he figured out, it wasn’t something he wanted.
He was passionate about animations and motion graphics, so he started learning it full-time.
He started doing freelancing in animations to earn money as he had already left his job.

Today, he is at a level where he is charging 700 INR for 1 second of 2D animation.

This means, if he creates an animation of 3 minutes, he has already earned himself more than a Lakh!


You should start freelancing from today only, without giving any excuses to yourself, because the world is digitizing at a very rapid speed.
And your competition is increasing with every minute of delay you do.

Always remember, Getting clients is easier than you think.

If you stay within your field long enough and keep doing freelancing and improving your skills, there’s no limit to what you can charge your clients and how much you can earn in a month.
I hope this article gave you new ideas and inspiration.
Now here’s a task for you. 

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    Your language very easy to understand quickly like digital deepak.
    Your blog is explain common mentality about freelancer.

    • Samidha

      Thankyou Nitesh, trying my best to make it as relatable and understandable as possible 🙂