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How To Stand Out In The Digital Mentoring World?


In a world where Edtech startups are taking a boom, with every other company trying to become an educational company, and with every other person launching their own course, how will you make sure that you don’t get lost in the noise?

Yes, it is difficult to get yourself noticed in a big crowd. And to compete with platforms that are getting millions of dollars as funding.

But, in the end, only student’s results matter.

And whoever can give students the results they need, is the one who succeeds.

That’s why caring for your students is your ultimate competitive advantage. Capital cannot beat it.

Many big educational companies are mostly interested in growing and expanding their business, introducing course after course on their platform.

But how much do they care about the growth and success of each of their students? Not much right.

Have you heard about those coaching institutes that only show the banners of their top-performing students to show how good they are to get you in?

The reality is that only 5% of students get the desired results, and the rest 95% is what no one talks about.

They don’t want student’s success, they want student’s money!

If you can care for your students, care for their results, care for their transformation, and go out of your way to give them your support, students will feel it.

And they will become your sales team and advertise you insanely in the market.

Their word of mouth will make you stand out from the crowd.

No matter how big an investment a brand has taken, they can never compete with the care you have for your students.

Your wealth becomes the side effect of your student’s growth.

The competitor can copy your tactics, your techniques, your content, but they cannot copy your care.

Now, obviously, the care won’t come automatically.

You have to talk to a lot of people. You need to see what challenges they are facing and their deep-rooted fears and desires.

Once you understand their problems deeply, you will automatically start wanting to help them more.

One more thing that can help you become a very successful Digital Mentor is that you need to give out all your secrets to your students.

Don’t keep any secrets behind you, give everything that you can.

Nobody can steal your ideas.

The world is a very abundant place. If you have one idea and share it with people, everyone will have the same idea, and that makes this world a very wealthy place to live.

So, go ahead and give people all you can, at least 10x of what they are paying you, and you will shine in the market!

Happy Caring 🙂

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