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How To Win Clients For Life?


It is easier to transact with existing clients compared to new clients.

Because an existing client knows you and trusts you with your work. And you are also aware of your client’s work and vision.

Nobody wants to change people when they are comfortable working with each other, neither does your client.

But still, most freelancers are not able to retain their clients.

Why? Because they fail the “Do you care?” test.

In the initial days, when your client is just testing you out, you have to show them how much you care about their business.

Most freelancers go and talk about how much they want to work with them, and how much they would like to charge.

But what your client wants to hear is how can you help in growing their business, and why you are a great deal to work with.

There is a huge mismatch between what they expect and what you do!

You need to show them how much you care about them, not how much you care about yourself.

Also, you cannot just fake the care. People are very smart these days. They just catch!

So, don’t try to game your clients, rather change your attitude and genuinely think about how you can help them.

When you approach your clients with a mentality of helping and solving their burning problems with your expertise, that is when the magic happens.

Your care is your biggest competitive advantage. You can charge your clients higher when they know you care about their vision and growth.

Don’t outreach blindly. Do your research, find out what vision your client is carrying with their business. Find out where they might need your help. Find out whether they at all need your help!

Also, the most important thing is, find out whether they can afford you or not.

Have a strategy in mind. Show them the numbers. Explain to them how you can help them reach those numbers.

Follow up with them.

Show your authority, why they should take your service.

Design your irresistible offer, an offer which they cannot refuse.

If you do all of these, then winning a client for life will just become a second nature of you.

Happy outreaching 🙂

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