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#1 Mistake Every Marketer Makes


You learned marketing from a good online resource.

You started promoting your product or other affiliate products by running ads or by mailing your list.

You incentivized people to give you good reviews and filled up the web with powerful social proof.

But you forgot one thing.

You forgot about the quality of the product.

The expectations of people with the product did not match with the level of marketing you did.

In other words, your product couldn’t live up to the hype you created, and now it is backfiring.

People have started asking for refunds, negative reviews started flowing in and now everybody thinks you are a fraud.

There is a powerful saying: “The good marketing of a bad product can only accelerate the death of the company, and of the marketer”.

Don’t let that thing happen with you.

You are a marketer, you have the superpowers in your hand to reach anyone on the web and convince them to buy your product.

Don’t misuse it.

Always before doing any sort of marketing, before taking up any marketing projects, or before picking up any affiliate product to sell, check whether the product is high quality or not.

If it’s not high quality, if it’s not something you would be willing to buy if you had the problem it solves, then it’s a big NO!

Many products we try to market do not have any product-market fit, and however good marketing we do, it just never works.

But when you market a high-quality product instead, after some time it just starts selling itself, because people would know that it solves real problems and recommend it to others.

So save yourselves some frustration and time, and stay away from low or mediocre quality.

That’s it!

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  1. Vikul Choudhary

    Short and Informative article. Keep it up.

    • Samidha

      Thanks a lot Vikul 🙂

      • Mayur sharma

        Nice article , but try to make seo Freindly article it will rank on google.

        • Samidha

          Yes Mayur, I will convert all my articles into SEO-friendly very soon. Thanks for pointing that out!