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I Got My First Facebook Ad Sale



Today I got my first Facebook ad sale.

This is for the first time I made a product of my own, which was an ebook of “100 Lead Generation Ideas”.

And I sold it using Facebook Conversion Ads, for 100 INR.

This first sale was just so special for me because in the past few years, I have tried running Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads (Separately from FB).

But never was able to sell anything.

I started to feel like maybe selling is not my thing or maybe I don’t know the art of getting profits from ads.

But as I was learning Digital Marketing at DDIP, I thought to give it another try.

And this time, I thought of creating my own product rather than selling any affiliate product as I did in the past.

I wrote the 107-page long ebook in a matter of days and tried to run ads for it, with a lifetime budget of 3000 INR.

My heart was pumping really fast as my brain kept reminding me of the past failures.

And for a moment I had to hold my head to make it calm down.

God, it was difficult!

If I had not seen this sale this time as well, then I would have never believed in the power of FB ads, definitely.

I can’t thank that customer enough, for restoring my belief 🙂

And now, I am not the same person anymore, something big has changed in me today!

I know you must be thinking it was just one sale, that too of 100 INR, what’s so big about it…

Yes, nothing so big if we just look at the numbers, but the belief and the confidence it has given is so unmeasurable!

My ad is still running right now so I am expecting few more sales, but nevertheless, this one sale was enough for me.

Here’s something I have learned:

1. Try out things you have lost your belief on, but with a different approach. The approach that successful people are using. If they are getting results with the same approach, then you will also get results. Not to the same extent but at least some of it.

2. Take small risks. I wouldn’t have restored this confidence today if it wasn’t for a risk. The risk of losing my money.

3. Don’t listen to your resistance and take action. We all have a big enemy who lives within us and always tries to stop us from doing hard things. And this resistance will be the highest just before you are closest to accomplishing your goal. DO NOT listen to it.

4. Sell things that you yourself believe in for the quality. Ask this, “would you be willing to buy the same thing yourself?” If the answer is yes, then go ahead. If answer is no, change the product.

5. Believe in yourself! No matter how many times you failed, there is still a way of doing things the right way and you haven’t figured it out yet. Keep looking, don’t stop. And when you will find it, it will become one of the best moments of your life 🙂

That’s it!

I hope this blog post has broken some of your mental blocks, and encouraged you to do things that seem so far fetched.

If it did, let me know in the comments.

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