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The Power Of Thinking Big


What do you want to become?

How much do you want to earn per month?

Whom do you want to live your life with?

Whatever your answer is, that is what scratches the line of boundary of your reality.

You cannot become what you cannot dream. Because you cannot attract that success if you don’t have the magnet to attract it.

Now I know, dreaming big sounds so unnatural.

Whenever you think of becoming a millionaire or billionaire, self-doubt comes to mind which makes it feel so far-fetched.

But what good is a dream which doesn’t excite you?

And believe me, any goal is achievable if you believe it enough and work hard towards it.

What we need to do is to make an action plan.

Have a breakdown of the goal in terms of milestones, with a deadline attached to it.

Sometimes we just keep our goals in our head and then we forget everything, don’t store it in your brain, store it on a piece of paper.

When you have it written in front of you, it will give you some level of belief that it is achievable.

Don’t keep on thinking passively, save yourself from this trap of thinking too much, and get onto the action mode.

Once Jack Canfield was talking to his mentor, Jim, about his goals.

Jack said he wants to do 1000 pushups by the end of the year.

Before he could go on with his goals list, Jim stopped him.

Jim asked him to do 5 pushups right away, and then call him back.

Jack said, “but let me finish with my goals list first, I’ll do it later”.

Jim said, “no, do it right now, only then I’ll listen to you further. Call me back once done!”.

You see what Jim did to Jack? He made him take the action immediately rather than just passive goal making.

Think of this story whenever you feel like caught up in the overthinking mode, and get to action.

Now, the more you seek a goal, the more the Law of Attraction work in your favour and the more you will attract the kind of opportunities you want.

Your brain will start filtering out all the data you consume according to your goals, it will only see what aligns with the goal.

All of this happens when we believe on our dreams enough, and we take massive action towards it.

If you just keep thinking and take no action, your subconscious will tell you that it is just not possible.

If you take action but don’t believe in it, whenever things don’t go right with you, you would want to quit immediately.

But when you believe on your goals, and also take action towards it, that is when you cross through all the hurdles and with every small achievement you’ll feel you are moving closer to your goal.

That’s what we all need. We need positive feedback loop.

The more we will believe something, the more we will do it.

The more we do it, the more we will become better at it.

The more we become better at it, the more we would feel good and our belief system will get even stronger, and the loop continues!

And that’s how achieving even the biggest goals are possible.

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