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Secret of Happiness


There was once a very rich man.

He had everything he wanted, a big house, a healthy body, a loving family, but still, somehow he wasn’t happy.

He thought he doesn’t have good cars that’s why he isn’t happy.

So he went ahead and bought Lamborghini, Ferrari, and the other expensive cars.

That made him happy for a while, but a month later, he again felt dissatisfied, as if something was missing.

He thought maybe his house isn’t big enough.

He bought many properties and lands, started living there.

That also brought some temporary satisfaction in his life, but he wanted something permanent.

So he went to a Life Coach and told him that he is not happy despite of having everything.

The Life Coach said okay let’s change your mood.

I am going on a trip to South Africa to help small children who lost their limbs in some accident, want to come with me?

Rich man agreed. They both went there and helped small children.

One child hugged the leg of the rich man and started crying by looking at his face.

He couldn’t understand what happened to the kid.

He asked him, “do you want something?”.

Kid said, “no, I just want to look at your face a little longer to see how God looks like on earth!”

For that man, this one line brought him so much happiness vs all he had bought till now.

You see, whenever we ask people what will they do after they become successful? Or what will make them happy?

The general answers you will get are mostly: A big house, a big car, a loving partner, lots of fame and money, blah blah.

But that is so not the way of being happy, if it was, depression and anxiety wouldn’t be so common among rich people today!

You know when you’ll get happiness? when your life is having an impact on someone else’s life.

You will get so beautiful sleep at night when people come and tell you how their life changed for the better, because of you.

Be of some value to the other person, do them good without having any agenda in mind, is really the way in which your soul will get satisfied.

This is the reason why most of the millionaires and billionaires become philanthropists.

There was a billionaire named Chuck Feeney, who donated all his wealth in philanthropy!

All of this tells us something.

You don’t have to be rich to be happy. You just need to have an open heart to help somebody.

We as humans want to live forever. Nobody wants to die.

And the only way to live forever is to do something so impactful for people that at least one person would remember you even if you died.

Your name, your work, your help, your heart, all of this can never be forgotten by them.

Have a happy forever life peeps 😉

[I attended a 4 hour masterclass by Puja Puneet today, and the story at the beginning of this blog is taken from the class only. It was so beautiful that I wanted to share it with you by writing this blog.]

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