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Should You Teach Online or Offline?


There are some topics that can only be taught in colleges and universities because they need practical implementation with access to labs and equipment.

But the topics which can be taught online should be taught online because of their efficiency.

Now obviously offline teaching has its own benefits and the experience of offline cannot be completely replicated online.

So which medium should you choose? Let’s see the pros and cons of both.


Offline education has huge overheads, like real estate, infrastructure, transportation, and also the problems like location boundaries, etc.

Which makes the cost of education so high that it becomes nearly unaffordable to many people and they have to take loans to get access to education.

But online education that can help you learn real skills is relatively very low cost due to very few overheads associated with it.


Online classes are highly scalable and have 0 costs of replication.

Any number of people can access your LMS or your unlisted youtube videos and can learn from you.

But in the offline world, scalability would mean buying a piece of land in various cities, establishing buildings, getting cleaning and managing staff, marketing for the new office, etc.

This increases the cost of scalability so much that sometimes you have to go into debt to scale your coaching business.

Quality Control

Online education helps the teachers with the best skill of the subject, to have the maximum scale.

No matter what the batch strength is, they can still learn from the same teacher.

This is how quality standards are maintained in the online world.

Whereas in offline, only so many people a teacher can teach within a room, with limited hours, and to teach more students, you need to hire more teachers and those teachers may not be as good as you.


The biggest USP of conducting offline classes is that your students get access to a community that is also on the same mission.

From our school days, we have always studied in a group of students, because that makes the learning most effective.

But online education is also catching up with it and bringing the same experience of offline communities in a zoom call.

Internet and devices are evolving constantly and sooner we will reach a place where community experience will become really better than what it is today.

Market Size

As everything is moving online, the market size of the online education industry is increasing at a staggering rate.

Edtech companies are going to become a very big thing by 2025, with a market of $300 B.

And it is only going to increase as the internet penetrates more parts of the world.


So considering all the points above, it makes much more sense to open your online education system rather than going offline and regret after few years for missing the train of the EdTech Revolution.

Happy Teaching 🙂

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