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How To Become A Great Social Media Freelancer


You did whole neck-deep research about each famous social media platform out there.

You thought you know the algorithm better so now you can bring results for your clients.

You got gigs, you started posting, but heck, the platform introduced a change in the algorithm!

Plus the competition is very high with huge noise on the platform, you are facing difficulty in getting some good reach and engagement.

Your clients started questioning your capabilities and you don’t know what to answer. Ever been in that situation?

It’s horrible to even imagine it. Every time you think you know the algorithm better, the algorithm changes!

Isn’t there any proven social media strategy that can bring results every time irrespective of the changes in the platform?

There is. But you might not like my answer.

Paid Marketing is the best social media strategy, ever!

Give me a minute to explain you how.

In a world where every business is trying to become a content creator on social media, content creation is increasing at a rapid rate compared to content consumption.

And hence, social media has no other way but to decrease your reach.

Same happened with Facebook, whenever you post inside your group or on your page, it hardly reaches 5-6% of your total following, and it’s only going to get worse with time.

The rest of your audience doesn’t even see what you posted.

Then what is the point of keep posting organically and wait for engagement to rise magically with time?

Also, Engagements or Following means nothing to a business in terms of revenue. These metrics are simply misleading.

And when your clients are not making revenue by investing money in you, they are either going to cut down their budget on you, or they’ll simply stop your using services.

So, stop being a liability on your clients by just posting something cute and creative hoping for some good engagement, because it’s not helping.

Your job as a social media marketer is to build a community for your clients.

A community on which they can rely for the future.

A community to which they can reach anytime they want to.

A community that buys their product, gives feedback, helps the brand to grow with combined efforts.

That is a real asset for the brands, not the social media following.

Now, how to build that kind of community? First of all, start using paid marketing.

Convince your clients that it will bring huge ROI with time.

I’ll tell you how.

When you use paid ads, social media becomes your friend and helps you get better reach compared to the ones who are trying to grow organically.

Send the traffic to your landing page and get their email ids in exchange for a strong lead magnet.

I suggest a lead magnet which is a 100-day email course, related to the problem which the brand is trying to solve.

Leads will get 1 email every day, with something valuable in it. And this can work as a Lead Nurturing Campaign as well for you.

You can ask these people in emails to share their reviews on social media, and you can reshare them on your account to increase the social proof on the web.

Get some senior-level people in your client’s business to do weekly webinars with all these leads, to keep up with the visual connection and this will help in increasing brand loyalty.

It also will speed up the trust-building process with your leads and can allow your clients to sell a tripwire product to them, to convert these leads.

Your clients will never have to look outside for customers when they’ll have a community.

With paid ads, you can help increase the number of members in the community.

Ask your community what extra value do they want and prepare your other products by knowing their needs.

This can help the brands to get much better products and services in the market because their community has tried it and given feedback.

You can also ask the community to go on social media and follow you if you want to show a good online presence, but having their mail ids should be your first priority.

I can keep on writing about the benefits of having a community, but I think you already got the idea.

Help your clients generate revenue with your skills, and they will have no problems ever in paying you.

Never depend upon social media for future growth, rather depend on a community, and you will get better ROI, always.

I hope I answered all the questions and doubts in your mind regarding how to become a good social media freelancer.

If you learned something from this blog post, don’t forget to comment below. Or ask me any questions you might be having, I reply to every comment!

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