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How To Standout From The Noise?


You cannot stand out from the noise by adding more to the noise.

The only way to standout is by becoming specific in your communication.

How many times have you searched something on Google and landed on a website that just talked Latin to you?

Many a times, we go on a website to a find a specific information, and as soon as we see the interface, that blanks our mind.

We don’t know where to go, what to do, how to find the info we need. And we end up opening a lot of tabs.

This happens, because most of the time, website creators don’t pay much attention to how the journey of your website visitor would look like as soon as they land on your website.

Also, there are many content creators who write articles too much SEO technical, that they forget humans are the ones who are going to read it.

All of this just put too much into the clutter.

Being specific meaning, you know how your customer looks like, you know what their problems are and how does their world looks, and whatever you do is highly targeted to them.

You write your blogs in such a way that it focuses only on one problem of the customer which she is looking the answer for. And give few actionable solutions to it.

If you just did this, with simple and easy-to-read English, then you have already stood out from 90% of your competition.

Not just that, you also need to tell people what you want them to do on your website or landing page.

Give them direction, they are not going to do that hard work of navigating themselves, they’ll rather just leave by hurting the bounce rate of your website.

You don’t want that right? :p

The power of being specific is that, it makes people to take action.

Tell me, which lead magnet out of these two will make your target audience to take action:

  1. 5 ways to lose weight

2. 5 ways women can lose 10 kg weight in 2 months

Obviously second option, isn’t it?

Now, if your audience is only women who want to lose weight, then higher chances are, she is going to download the second lead magnet as well.

This will get you very high quality and highly targeted leads. That’s all we want after all!

So, know your target audience well enough, and then make your website, your blogs, your offers in such a way that they will feel like, “this is what I was looking for!”

That’s it for now.

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