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When Things Don’t Go Your Way


You applied for your dream job in a dream company, but got rejected.

You expected a call from a potential client, but the call never came.

You ran ads to generate thousands of leads, but only a handful of people converted.

Has a similar situation ever happened to you? If yes, then you know how much it eats up our confidence.

We start to think we are not good enough, we just don’t have what it takes.

We go on the bad loop of overthinking mode, which just drains our energy even more.

But the truth is, these things happen with experts of the industry as well.

Even experts fail.

But they never quit. Because they know that it happens with everybody.

Many times, life rewards you like anything and you feel like to be the luckiest person alive, and sometimes it comes right in front of your face and slaps you so hard that you just wanna quit.

But you know what, uncertainty is the beauty of life, which makes it even more interesting to live.

Imagine if everything would turn out the exact way we thought, how boring our life would become.

It’s an interdependent world, what we do has an effect on everybody and what everybody does has an effect on us.

Even if you drive a car with all safety precautions, there’s still no guarantee that you will reach your destination safely.

What if the driver in the front car is drunk, or had a huge fight with their spouse? Or they are driving a car whose breaks are failed?

Are you still safe? No, right.

Because even if one person does something wrong, it can have an effect on us due to the interdependency nature of the world.

As it is well said, “we cannot control what happens to us, what we can control is our attitude towards what happens to us”.

So, whenever things don’t work your way, just remember this quote and keep trying, and leave the results on god.

When things don’t go your way, find another way.

Just like there are multiple paths from a given source and destination, the same way there are multiple paths to reach from your current situation to your desired situation.

Find it, and you will eventually reach where you want to 🙂

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