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Who Can Become A Mentor?


I have used “mentor” and “coach” as interchangeable terms in this article. Although there is some slight difference in both of them, but for the purpose of this article, I am appealing to both of them.

In this day and age, anyone with practical experience can become a mentor.

We don’t have any restrictions as such which we had 20-30 years ago when there was no internet.

People needed to have a license to mentor or teach students back then.

But today, if you are someone who has achieved something in your life, and if the knowledge you acquired can help someone who is behind you, then you can pretty much become a mentor.

You don’t have to be a complete expert while you are starting out.

You only become an expert in your subject by teaching it to others. As they say, teaching is to learn twice!

If you are at 5/10 and someone is at 3/10, you can help them to move to 4/10 and in the process of teaching, you are moving to 6/10.

But obviously, not everything is for everyone.

Mentoring in itself is a huge task of responsibility.

You should be able to get practical and tangible results for your students. If you can’t do it, then you are just wasting everyone’s time.

To know if mentoring or coaching is for you, Go through the quiz mentioned below, and give yourself points as 0, 1/2, or 1, depending upon your comfort.

1. Do You Love Personal Development?

If you love reading self-help books, podcasts, videos, and other courses which help you make a better person, then give yourself 1.

If you kind of like it but do not spend too much time on your development, then give 1/2.

If you don’t like it at all, or you have no time for it, then give yourself 0.

2. Are You Open Minded Person?

If you are someone who is very flexible with your thoughts and can try to listen and understand other people’s points of view, and also very humble to accept that you can be wrong others can be right, then give yourself 1 here.

If you are rigid in some areas and open for some, then give yourself 1/2.

If you just don’t like to hear other people’s points of view and very rigid with your thoughts and beliefs, then give yourself 0.

3. Are You Naturally Trusted?

Do people tell you about their secrets without any hesitation? Do they trust you with your instincts and what decisions you make in life? Do you have that aura that makes people believe your words?

If you answered any of the questions above as yes, then give yourself 1 here.

If people trust you sometimes and sometimes don’t, or if they keep asking if you are sure with whatever you are saying, then give yourself 1/2.

If nobody trusts you with their secrets, and also they doubt your decisions and all, then give 0.

4. Are you interested in listening?

Do you listen to people when they share their life stories or tragedies with you? Can you give them your whole focus while not thinking about when they will stop and you can start talking?

If you have that patience of hearing people out, then give yourself 1.

If you can sometimes listen but sometimes you are more eager to talk than listening, then give yourself 1/2.

If you just don’t like to sit and listen to someone, and only want to talk about yourself, then give 0.

5. Can You Hold People Accountable?

Your all advice and teaching will go to waste if your mentees won’t apply what you teach. So holding people accountable and getting them to take action is the biggest quality a mentor needs.

So, can you hold people accountable and get them to take action? If yes, then give 1.

If you sometimes can but not regularly, then give 1/2.

If you just cannot get them into action mode and also check on them if they are doing it seriously, then give 0.

6. Are You Entrepreneurial?

You need students to increase your coaching or mentoring business. If you are lacking that business mindset and expecting people to find you magically and come to you, then you are going to struggle a lot in this industry.

The entrepreneurial mindset is very essential here. The mindset of investment, marketing, and sales is needed to grow your business.

If you have that entrepreneurial insect in your head, then give yourself 1.

If you lack business skills but are interested in learning them, then give yourself 1/2.

If you are not entrepreneurial at all and don’t want to become one, then give yourself 0.

7. Do People Take Your Advice?

Is there something regarding which most people come to you often and take your expert advice? If yes, then give 1.

If they just take your advice on random topics, then give yourself 1/2.

If nobody cares for your advice, then give 0.

8. Do You Invest On Your Own Learnings?

You have to be investing in your own learnings to have that belief that people would want to invest in learning from you.

Your students are your reflection. If you don’t invest in learning, you will attract people who won’t be interested in investing to learn.

Also, If you don’t learn continuously, then you as a mentor will get outdated.

This is highly important to be a mentee yourself to become a mentor.

Do you continuously invest in your learnings? Then give 1.

If you don’t invest much, then give 1/2.

If you don’t like to pay money for the learnings and the courses at all, then give yourself 0.

9. Are You Willing To Put Your Face Out In The Market?

You cannot hide your face from your students, you have to put yourself out in the market because as a mentor, you are the product.

How will your potential students know that you exist if you don’t go out in the market?

Are you ready to put yourself out there, and build your personal brand? If yes, then give 1.

If you are not very comfortable but willing to do it, then give 1/2.

If you just don’t want to build your personal brand on the internet, then give yourself 0 here.

10. Are You A Caring Human Being?

Do you have an empathetic heart for people? Do you feel their pains, challenges, and struggles? Do you feel for them that you want to make their lives better?

If you said yes, then give yourself 1.

If you said, “umm… sometimes!”, then give yourself 1/2.

If you said, “oh I don’t care what they feel… I don’t have time to shed a few tears on their tantrums”, then give 0.

What Is Your Score?

Find out your score by summing all points.

Now, if your score >= 7, then you have all the important qualities to become a great mentor.

If Score <7 and >=5, then also you can become a mentor, but you will need to work hard on some areas.

If your score <5, then mentoring is not for you. You won’t be able to thrive in the coaching and mentoring industry.

Final Words

I hope you know by now if mentoring is something you can pursue in your life.

Just remember this, you cannot teach people what you don’t practice. There are many scammers and dirty players in this market

They just care about money and they forget about student’s results.

So, be a mentor, not a course seller.

Get results for your students by helping them with your experience, and their results will help you get a huge brand name in the market.

Happy Mentoring 🙂

So, what is your score? Are you fit to become a mentor? Let me know in the comments below.

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