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Why People buy online courses When There Is Free Content Available?


This is a question I have asked myself multiple times.

Why would someone pay for an online course when there are millions of blog posts and youtube videos available for free to help us learn what we want to learn?

After doing a lot of research, and noticing my own habits of paying most of my money for courses till this date, here is something I have found:

People don’t pay for your courses or paid content, they pay for the Transformation!

They need results, faster.

As I said earlier, there are lots and lots of Free content available in the online market.

No, it is not something to feel happy about.

This access to so much information has given birth to information overload.

You search for something online and there are millions of websites available to help you get the answer.

All of them claiming to be the best and accurate, but who knows?

The only way to get the best answers to all your questions is to ask someone who has been on the path you want to walk.

But because their time is so valuable, you cannot get access to them unless you pay.

Of course, many amazing achievers have posted a lot of content for free, but the content is generic and your situation is specific.

Nobody has time to care for you when you are not helping them to pay their bills.

To get the right results, you need to get your personal questions answered.

Money is like a filtration system, that only lets in the people who are dedicated, and as the number would be less, coaches can handle your questions.

Paying for a course ensures you some level of access to the coaches, depending upon how much you are paying to what level of course value.

If the price is less, then maybe you can get answers in their private forums.

If the price is high, then you can personally sit with them on a 1-2-1 call and get all your specific doubts cleared and an actionable roadmap created in very little time.

Content is not the product, Coach is the product that you buy with your money.

Of course, you can do it all alone by watching free courses and figuring out your way. But it will take you a lot of time and frustration without personal guidance.

It’s all about money for time and time for money. You can always make more money later on, but can you get more time? No right.

So go ahead and invest in the right coaches who can help you with your specific situation, and within a very little time, you will get the desired results you wanted to get!

Happy Learning 🙂

When did you last invested in a course? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Konica Bolneni

    Wow samidha. This post gave me a huge clarity for my questions. You explained in a short and apt way. Im really connected to this question and i got answers for many queries. You got an eye to understand and observe and wisdom to explain.

    • Samidha

      Thankyou so much Konica for the beautiful appreciation 🙂