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Why Should You Become Rich?


Ever saw those poor kids selling books on traffic lights, and felt like “I really want to do something for these kids?”

But you anyway ended up ignoring them and moved ahead, because when you yourself are struggling financially, then how will you help somebody else?

Becoming rich is not evil or something that this society says.

Because you can only become rich when you add value to people’s lives!

The one who adds the most value becomes the richest!

So, If you can earn a lot of money but still limiting yourself, then you are actually doing a disservice to this world.

Serving the world will serve your soul as well, you will get a lot of happiness when you can really afford to help people!

Why would you deny a happy and comfortable life when you can afford it?

Most of the time, we associate money with bad notions.

Ever happened with you when you hestitated to charge money for your services?

Happened to me a lot.

I had no problems paying money for value, but when it came to charging, it made me feel like I am doing something wrong!

And that feeling made me charge low most of the time.

Please change that feeling of guiltiness and charge your money because you are all worth it.

If you don’t need much money for yourself, then become rich for the world.

Become rich because you want to help those poor kids to get education.

Become rich so you can create employment opportinities for people.

Become rich so you can invest in startups who want to make people’s lives better.

Become rich so you can touch thousands, if not millions, of lives.

You are not born to work, struggle and die.

You have a much bigger purpose to fulfill…

Just remember that.

That’s it!

Earn money and serve lives 😉

Do let me know in the comments below if this short blog post helped you see a different perspective of money.

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  1. Abhinay Mandla

    Short, crisp and to the point content. Enjoyed the piece Samidha

    • Samidha

      Thanks a bunch, Abhinay 🙂

  2. Honey Parlani

    I second your thought to be rich for a purpose rather than ourselves… A great thought for me to live by!!

    • Samidha

      Yes Honey, when we have a greater purpose to fulfill, becoming rich becomes like a duty 😉

      • Vidya

        Content with rich thoughts. A new perspective to become rich ….well presented.

        • Samidha

          Thanks a lot Vidya 🙂