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You Are More Than Your Niche


Everywhere around us, people are talking about the importance of niche selection.

The narrower, the better.

And that is true, to beat our competition and earn huge authority and money within it.

But, the problem is, that most of us are having multiple interests.

We are pulled in all the directions that we just cannot decide which way to move.

And when somebody comes and asks us, “What is your niche?” We often go blank.

Sounds familiar? Yes, it is. It is the story of most people.

And it is actually quite frustrating to find our niche, because if we choose one of our interests, then we feel like we will miss on others, and that we don’t want to do.

Now, stop there.

You just need a niche because you want financial support. You don’t need a niche to be happy.

So why not just select something and go with it? Select the one which can earn you more money as per market needs.

You will eventually succeed in whatever you select because practice will make you perfect.

And the other interests that you have, carry them along, but with lower priority.

If you are giving 5 hours a day to your niche, then give 1 hour to other interests.

Don’t kill your other interests just for the sake of focussing on one thing.

Your life is so short to focus on just one thing.

We all have so many different interests within us. We cannot just restrict ourselves to one thing and expect happiness.

So, go out, and have as many new and different experiences as you can.

Try a lot of stuff, do a lot of stuff, find out more about yourself, your potential for doing these new things.

And many times, you will be surprised with how much you can do!

Go on that path of self-discovery, don’t settle.

And once you found out something that you enjoy more than your niche and can also make more money in it, just shift!

Many people don’t want to shift their niches after a time because they think they have already invested so much time and effort into one thing and got some authority there, so shifting would be foolishness.

It is not!

Naval Ravikant puts it really beautifully, “Selecting a niche is like climbing a Mount Everest. Everyone wants to reach the peak. But when they climbed the 2/3rd height and find out that this path can never take them to the peak, they somehow still want to stay there. The best way would be to go back down and find some other path to climb, but no one wants to do that. They say we have already climbed 2/3rd, even when they can go nowhere from there”.

Never hesitate to restart your career, if it is for the better.

Life is a constant journey of self-discovery, we still don’t know how much potential we have, no matter what age we are of.

Would you not like to figure out that unseen potential? Life is short, act now.

That’s it!

Got some new perspective? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Rashmi

    Nice blog Samidha

    • Samidha

      Thanks Rashmi 🙂